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From the ground, comes the material…….
From the head, comes the ideas……………
From the heart, comes the passion…………
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Oak furniture made from English hardwoods and wooden furniture of all types, large or small, is the passion of Ian Mawby, furniture maker.  His team of carefully trained craftsmen produce items to special order only and deal direct with customers, on a one-to-one basis.

Famed for its classic beauty and long life, these solid wood designs will grace any period or contemporary home.  Whether it be a dining room table and chairs, oak or ash coffee table, solid wooden dresser, kitchen table, office desk or antique style wood furniture - each solid, hardwood furniture piece is as individual as you’d like us to make it!

Such high quality, home or office wooden furniture can be hard to find…..

Each item takes us as long as it takes……
Working to your pre-planned design Ian will still develop your special piece as it goes along, working with you to suggest a new twist perhaps and this can be a rewarding experience for both of us!  Pushing the boundaries is not to be tried by the inexperienced furniture builders but Ian has 40 years experience, in fact all his working life in Australia and England.  He knows timber - it’s characteristics and suitability for bespoke furniture projects.  
This results in timeless and innovative products, made in the Green Oak Barn at Pulhams Mill, Exmoor.     
English hardwood tables and chairs oak furniture workshop